Our church has an organized time of door-to-door visitation weekly on Tuesday evenings and Sunday School Visitation monthly on Saturday mornings.

A key part of our local outreach is our bus ministry.  On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, we run vans to pick up children and adults in the surrounding community.  We have seen many come to Christ through our bus ministry.  It is our prayer that the families of the children who ride our vans will be reached as well.

In addition to our local outreach—our “Jerusalem”—we seek to take the gospel to “the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8).  God has allowed us to financially support a number of ministries and missionaries around the world.  These men and women win souls to Christ, plant churches and send missionaries themselves—all as an extension of our ministry in Alum Creek, West Virginia.

God has enabled IMBC to support a number of like-minded ministries and missionaries around the world.  We are thankful to have a part in each of their ministries.  Some of the ministries we support are listed below.


  • Ambassador Baptist College—Lattimore, North Carolina
  • Bruce & Lisa Burkholder—EBI – Spanish Literature Division of BMM
  • Steve & Bethany Carter—Japan
  • Josh & Alyssa Clay – Mali
  • Crown College—Powell, TN
  • Betty Davis—Retired  (Biblical Ministries Worldwide)
  • Paul & Debbie Deem—DirectLine Ministries
  • Joshua & Amy Durden—Japan
  • A. J. & Pat Easter—Chile
  • Dave & Sandy Fetter—Micronesia
  • Doug & Sharon Fry—Portugal
  • John & Brenda Gossett—Trinidad
  • Matt & Amanda Green—England
  • Justin & April Grinstead—Argentina
  • Bill & Pat Haag—Evangelism
  • Jason & Lori Holt—Chile
  • Janet Lyons—Retired (Africa & Spain)
  • Jonathan & Rachelle Lyons—Spain
  • Brent & Shelley Marowelli—FirstBible International
  • Dottie McClure—Retired (Saipan, Micronesia)
  • Mitch & Jacqulyn McCormack—Peru
  • Corre & Claudia Meyer—Spain
  • Michael & Tina Rains—Kenya
  • Micah & Kathryn Rastelli—Bosnia
  • Chester & Cristina Sheren—Honduras
  • Noel & Charlene Shrivnauth—Guyana
  • David & Dee Sterling—Siberia
  • Dwight & Ruth Talbot—Canada
  • Martin & Linda Valcarcel—Spanish Church Plant – Decatur, Alabama
  • John & Alisha Walz—Taiwan
  • Tom & Marilyn Wilson—South Africa
  • Blake & Bridgette Young—Columbia