We use traditional, conservative music in all of our services.  God is holy, and our desire is that this be clearly communicated in our worship.  We do not believe that an imitation of the appearance or styles of the world is pleasing to the Lord or is consistent with His holiness.

Hymns and gospel songs are an integral part of our worship.  They have been greatly used of God in the past, and we believe that they are timeless in their value and effectiveness today.  The lyrics teach powerfully of important Bible doctrine and reflect beautifully the majesty and greatness of our God.  While our choir and vocalists occasionally use more recent compositions (with discretion), our congregational singing is compiled almost entirely of hymns and gospel songs.

Every Sunday, we enjoy music by our Children’s Choir, Adult Choir and songs by vocalists and instrumentalists.  Musical highlights of our year are our Annual Christmas Cantata & Drama and our Children’s Christmas Program.